Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to take seminars

Most of us have attended seminars. Be it as a representative of the company, individual seeking for promotion or as a student, there is a return of investment to think of. Attending a seminar can be challenging or boring. No matter what the result may be, you must put some life to it.

Here are 8 tips that will help you make the most of a seminar:

  1. Be familiar with the theme. Your aim in attending a seminar is to enhance your knowledge on a certain field. Getting familiar with the theme will give you ideas on what to expect from the seminar and prepare relevant questions.
  2. Prepare everything that you are going to need on the night before the seminar. You don't want to wake up early morning looking and thinking of what things to prepare.
  3. Avoid taking too heavy meals an hour before the seminar. You don`t want to be bothered with diarrhea during the seminar. This will also help you relax.
  4. Do not create destructions while the seminar is going on. Turn off electronic devices such as cellular phones, pagers, and etc. This will destruct the speaker`s attention once it sounds.
  5. Take down notes. List the key pointers that will be discussed on the seminar. Your notes will be your guide for reviews.
  6. Stay focused. As the seminar goes on, you might get bored with the discussion. Do not lose your attention on the things around and make sure to stay awake along the way.
  7. Participate. A good seminar is when relevant questions are raised. Throw questions at the speaker for any clarification on a certain area.
  8. Give appreciation to the speaker. Most attendees do not give credit to the speaker which is sad, but true.

Let this be your guide on your next seminar. Now that you know the things that you need to do, you will surely be able to grasp the purpose of the seminar.

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